The playing environment


It is important to ensure that the playing environment is Wheelchair Rugby Ready. This will allow players to enjoy themselves more and reduce the risk of injury.

Competition for Wheelchair Rugby takes place indoors on a regulation sized (15 x 28 meters) basketball court with slight modifications. Each end of the court is marked to create a “Key Area”, which is 8 meters wide and 1.75 meters deep. Cones should be placed at the outside corners of each Key Area to designate the goal line. For safety, a clear area of 3 meters in length, and running the width of the court should be available directly behind each goal line for use as a run-off zone. Both sides of the court should have a minimum of 2 meters of open space extending beyond the court’s sidelines where possible.

For the purposes of competition, each team should be assigned a bench area to be located on the same side of the court as the scorer’s table. A penalty officials’ table should be located directly across the court from the scorer’s table, and penalty boxes marked off on each side of this. The scorer’s table, penalty table and penalty boxes should be located at least one meter from the outside of the court’s sidelines.

Play is under the control of two referees, who are responsible to ensure that the result of the game is decided fairly and in accordance with the rules.

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